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Celluma Information

Celluma Light Therapy

30 Minute/$30 // 8 visits/$200 // 12 visits/$275

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Celluma light therapy is inspired by light, and proven by science. Celluma is FDA cleared, 100% all natural, safe, non evasive, and was created by NASA. Celluma helps compromised cells regenerate by using light that gets absorbed by photoreceptors in our cells. In turn they produce energy that fuels metabolic processes. Celluma has been featured on Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray.

Celluma is recommended 3x/week for 4 weeks during the treatment process and 2x/week for maintenance

Celluma can successfully treat the following:

Acne - Celluma is a clear path to a radiant complexion by greatly reducing embarrassing acne and scarring. Celluma also eliminates bacteria and prevents future breakouts.

Pain & Swelling - Nearly any body part can be treated for pain, swelling, or discomfort. Great for muscle soreness, arthritis, sprains, and strains.

Anti Aging - Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, quality, and smoothness.